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Our long-term objective is to deliver finished castings, the final product to our customers.

Possibilities of chip machining:

Machining centres (at the moment four CNC milling machines and three CNC lathe machines) are installed in the company’s machining shop. Conventional equipment is available in the pattern shop because part of its capacity is used to machine the castings.


CNC drilling and milling

Machine Size of the part machined
MCV 1000 900x500x400 3 axis
MCV 1000 QUICK 250x250x300 4 axis
MCV 750 200x200x250 4 axis
MCU 700 VT 650 x 650 x 400 5 axis

mcu 700vt

CNC turning

Machine Size of the part machined
Masturn 50 CNC Flange 250 rod 80 L1000 mm
S80i CNC Diameter 330mm L700mm
SP430Y Diameter 430mm L700mm


3D measurements

Machine Size of the measured part
Crysta Apex c 9166 700 x 1500 x 400 Weight to 400 kg