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Manufacturing of pattern equipment and metallic moulds

The pattern shop is divided into wood and metal workshop. In the workshops we manufacture patterns and metal moulds. Once manufactured these remain the property of a customer. Part of the pattern shop production is used by the company. The products include primarily wooden, plastic and metal patterns, or patterns combining the mentioned materials. The pattern shop also manufactures metal patterns of semi-finished cast iron and steel products and blanks. The workshop also works model aluminium alloy boards produced by the company’s non-ferrous metal foundry.

Pattern-manufacture documentation can be provided either in the form of customary drawings or electronically in any format.

Manufacturing of wood and plastic patterns

Only well dried timber, mainly pine and alder and also maple are used. Large-sized materials – multiplex, plywood. The wooden patterns are sprayed with protective paints, mostly nitrocellulose. Laminate materials are also used to manufacture core boxes.

Two-component casting resin with negligible shrinkage and various fillers (ceramics, free machining, alloy, slate – abrasion resistant) is used to manufacture plastic patterns depending on the requirements for final characteristics (workability, abrasion resistance, etc.) ensuring long service life of the pattern equipment.

Manufacturing of metal pattern equipment for machine moulding

Metal patterns are principally made of aluminium alloys cast in the company’s non-ferrous metal foundry. If longer service life of patterns and higher abrasion resistance are required, brass or wrought material (like dural) are used.

Metal, plastic or even wood semi-models and gating are mounted on model boards. The material used depends on the required service life, i.e. volume of serial production.

Manufacturing of metallic moulds

Metallic moulds are also made with regard to their assumed service life and the volume of serial production. They are made of alloys, structural and high-grade steel; heavy-duty parts are refined.

Preparation of production – metallic moulds and patterns machining

We use PRO-ENGINEER construction programme to set parameters for machining on electronically controlled machining centres including machining programmes. Standard machining is planned in technical drawings.

Pattern equipment storage in the company’s storage facilities

We continuously extend our storage facilities to provide sufficient storage space for pattern equipment of our customers on accommodating terms. Rent is charged only if customer orders casting production irregularly and in long time intervals. Once the production of a series is completed, customers are free to transfer their pattern equipment to their own facility.