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Quality assurance in the process of production

Inlet inspection

  • delivered pattern equipment
  • delivered casting material
  • chemical composition of bought raw materials

Material inspection

  • chemical composition, strength, ductility, solidity
  • casting temperature
  • melt gasification (Al – alloys)

Production control of sand mixtures

  • compression strength, air permeability, humidity and squeezing are measured in bentonite moulding mixtures
  • bending strength, pH, annealing loss are measured in furan moulding mixtures

Outlet inspection

  • includes checking of the size, hardness, solidity, ductility, chemical composition of a product, as well as its visual check

Testing, certificates and protocols

In line with customer’s requirements we can provide the below certificates and testing for materials and castings:

  • dimensional protocols
  • certification of materials
  • LECO spectrum analyzer with a glow discharge
  • WAS spectrum analyzer with a spark discharge
  • hardness – hardness tester HPO 3000
  • solidity, ductility – ZD 20 shredder